Life…. What can I say..

My input on life is iffy, u know y??? Because i havent lived to the fullest and i think evryone should live to the “fullest” because you never know if your going to live till the next day. You should thank god for every day that he gives u, thats what i think. LIFE, it can be a BITCH! But if you want to change it you can. Life wil push you down over and over again but its your choice if you want to get back up and fight for yourself! Some people stay down and let “LIFE” defeat them they let it define who they are and thats what quiters do. Theres that BIG bunch of people that will get back each time life pushes them down, they have that firey passion burning in there corazon (heart) and in there soul. Those are the people that will NOT take SHIT from life and will punch it in its stuff! Everyonw atleat once in there life gives up,FUCK ive given up and i just wanted to weep and to sit down and do nothing. But i have friends and family that were and are there for me, i apreciate them for that. Just know that you should NEVER give up, theres going to be tuff times for family,friends,and u and your going to want to give up on life, but resist that URGE and fight on and go 12 rounds with “LIFE”! GOD BLESS! love from darkrider1996 :) <3

dancers!!! obvious^!!!! :)

dancers!!! obvious^!!!! :)

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Ughh :(

No matter how many times u get beat.. it still hurts like the first time :(…. Just want to die.. overdose.

The feeling

The feeling u have when u love that special sumone.. The feeling when u have that deep dark depression.. The feeling when u get hurt by the ones u love.. These “FEELINGS” hurt u, depress u, make u feel loved, make u feel all of these good & bad things.. Do ur best, God will do the rest. Always kno ur not alone. Always kno ur loved.. Being loved doesn’t mean getting loved by ones u kno, can be loved by anyone… Sumone out there is goin to be there later down ur life. Its hard to be patient but try.

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My pain..

I’m so sad. So depressed.. filled wt hatred and pain, filled with darkness… Ughh listen.. hear my heart as it crys for I have pain!!!!!!!!!!!! But u dnt hear cuzz ur ignorance..

”You R wt u Eat!” - ME :)